Prayer Guide: April 5, 2021 – Hebrews 4:14-16
Posted By: Nate Magloughlin - 3/29/2021 10:00:00 AM

He is Risen! Everything concerning the Christian faith depends on Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. And this week we celebrate Jesus’ victory over sin and death. And it is through our faith connection to Jesus that we have direct access to our God and a standing invitation to approach Him in prayer. So, let us pray, seeking his grace and mercy!

Prayer Guide: April 5, 2021 – Hebrews 4:14-16

1. Worship the risen Savior, Jesus, the Son of God who conquered sin and death forever.  

2. Praise God, the Sovereign King who orchestrated our rescue from sin and eternal death.

3. Thank Jesus for allowing us to stand before God in His perfection, recognizing our own unworthiness.  

4. Pray for grace to continue to believe and hold fast your confession.   

5. Ask God to grow our church with like-minded believers who embrace our mission to proclaim Christ and make disciples.  

6.  Ask God to do a great work of salvation through the people and ministries of Trinity Baptist Church.

7. Pray that many visitors would join us for worship on Easter Sunday. Pray that upon hearing the message of the gospel, unbelievers would repent and put faith in Christ.

 8. Pray for our Music and Worship Pastor search process. Ask God to send us quality candidates and to give our team unity as we seek our new worship pastor.