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SUNDAY WORSHIP - 8:30 & 11 am - LIVESTREAM - 11 am

TBC Worship Choir

TBC's Worship Choir Easter Session kicks off on Wednesday, January 15, at 7:30pm, in the Music Suite (to the left of the Worship Center). Join us that evening as we preview our Easter 2020 music.

Note: Please register with the email to which you want all choir communications (news, updates, etc.) to be sent.

The Worship Choir exists to proclaim Christ and disciple those who claim Christ, all for the glory of Christ. This group is made up of believers who are passionate about worshiping Jesus Christ and helping others worship Him as well. The Worship Choir leads congregational singing in our corporate worship services, shares messages in song in our corporate worship services, and presents special seasonal music celebrations.

F.A.Q. about Worship Choir:

  • How often does the Worship Choir sing in worship services? The choir swaps worship leadership duties with our Praise Team ministry; usually, the choir sings every other week in our 8:30am and 11:00am corporate worship services.
  • When does the Worship Choir rehearse? The choir rehearses each Wednesday, from 7:30- 8:45pm in the Music Suite. The choir is active January-May, and August-December; we give our choir a well-deserved break during the summer months.
  • Is there childcare during Worship Choir rehearsals? Yes. We have fantastic childcare workers available. You will need to let the Minister of Music & Worship know that you need childcare ahead of time, so we know how many workers to schedule.
  • Do I have know how to read music to be part of the Worship Choir? No. Music reading is not a requirement. Just come and join in; we'll teach you everything you need to know.
  • Do I have to audition to be a part of the Worship Choir? No.Worship Choir is the gateway program for our music ministry; auditions are not required.
  • I'm a little nervous about walking into rehearsal for the first time by myself. Are the people friendly? YES! We have a very loving and friendly group. In fact, we love having new faces, and our people will meet and greet you, help you find the right place to sit, and help you find the right sheet music and resources you'll need to participate.

Click Here to register for the TBC Worship Choir Easter Session 2020.