Worship Band




The Worship Band is made up of disciples of Jesus Christ who are gifted by God to lead in corporate worship through instrumental music.  The Worship Band accompanies the congregational singing in our corporate worship services, shares messages in song, and participates in seasonal musical presentations, all for the glory of Jesus Christ.

Interested in joining the Worship Band ministry?  Here is the process:

1.  Read the Worship Band Guidelines.  The guidelines explain what would be expected of you as a member of the Worship Band ministry.  If, after reading the guidelines carefully, you feel that you can abide by the requirements, proceed to step 2.

2.  Complete the online application.  Follow the link below to complete and submit your application.  Applications will be reviewed promptly, and you will be contacted as soon as possible regarding your application.
Online application link

3.  Schedule an audition. If your application is approved, part of the follow-up conversation with the Minister of Music & Worship will involve scheduling an audition.  Information about Worship Band auditions can be found near the end of the online application.  Details concerning auditions will be confirmed during the follow-up conversation with the Minister of Music & Worship.


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