1. Give thanks to God for His continual outpo" />

1. Give thanks to God for His continual outpo" />


Prayer Guide for Sunday, October 8

Posted By: Kelly Caldwell - 10/4/2023 2:40:34 PM

Prayer Guide: October 8, 2023

1. Give thanks to God for His continual outpouring of grace and displays of faithfulness in our lives.

2. Pray for grace to persevere in our sanctification by keeping our eyes set on Jesus and all that He accomplished for us through His death and resurrection.

3. Ask God to bless the families of TBC and encourage parents and grandparents as they keep the gospel always before their children and grandchildren. Pray that God would make us faithful disciple makers of our children.

4. Pray for the Children’s Ministry of our church to thrive in ministering to our children. Pray for faithful teachers and other volunteers to care for them and pour God’s truth and love into their hearts.

5. Pray for our pastor, Nate, that God would give him healing and encouragement as he walks this journey of surgeries and cancer. Ask God to care for other TBC members who are also in the midst of health battles. Pray that God would give grace and peace to each one.

6. Ask God to bless our church with passionate worship, faithful discipleship, and consistent evangelism to the lost as we fulfill our mission of glorifying Christ by proclaiming Him and making disciples.