Prayer Guide: March 28, 2021 – James 2:14-26
Posted By: Nate Magloughlin - 3/23/2021 12:00:00 AM

Wrapping up our Love Like Jesus series, we turn our attention back to James 2. This morning, we are going to see that loving like Jesus means practicing our faith. James is clear, the evidence of saving faith is good works. Apart from works, faith is dead.

Prayer Guide: March 28, 2021 – James 2:14-26

1. Praise God that in His grace and mercy. Praise Him because He has taken an interest in your life, into your eternal destination.  

2. Give thanks to Jesus, the One who died and rose again to secure your eternal salvation.

3. Plead with God for grace to walk with the Spirit and thus live in the good works that God prepared for you to walk in.  

4. Confess to God your propensity to think too highly of yourself and spend too much energy on yourself.  

5. Ask God to make you a humble servant who is regularly seeking to serve and love others.

6.  Pray that God’s people at Trinity Baptist Church would continue to prioritize generosity and the support of the ministries and expenses of the church.

7. Pray that many law-enforcement officers would experience a blessing through our Law-Enforcement Marriage Event on Sunday night, March 28.