Prayer Guide: June 26, 2022

Posted By: Nate Magloughlin - 6/20/2022 4:00:00 PM

Prayer Guide: June 26, 2022

1. Thank God for the gift of the Holy Spirit. Thank Him for leading us in Truth and empowering us for ministry.

2. Pray for grace and wisdom to walk closely with the Spirit.

3. Ask God to keep our church family doctrinally sound in a culture that opposes Truth and righteousness.

4. Pray that our church would be characterized by unity, peace, humility, and service. Pray that we would be intentional about resolving conflict in such a way that pleases God.

5. Pray that making disciples would be foremost on our hearts and minds as a church.

6.  Ask God to make His will clear as it pertains to our current Music and Worship Pastor candidate.

7. Pray that God would send families to our church to join us in our mission to proclaim Christ and make disciples.

8. Pray that God would do great things through Children’s Camp (June 26-28). Pray that kids would grow in knowledge and love for God, that lost children would see their sin and need for Jesus, and that leaders would lead and love well.