Prayer Guide: Jan 6, 2019 – Philippians 1:12-18
Posted By: Nate Magloughlin - 1/2/2019 2:00:00 PM

As we kick off FOCUS Week 2019, we introduce TBC’s 12-Month Outlook. This year, we want to be the church that proclaims Christ and makes disciples who are prayerfully and purposefully seeking to reach at least one person with the gospel. Just imagine what it would be like if each of our members actively sought to reach a lost person with the gospel. Lives would be changed. Our Church would benefit. Our community would be better. Will you join us in prayer as we ask God to do in us and through us what we could never accomplish in our own strength?

Prayer Guide: Jan 6, 2019 – Philippians 1:12-18

1. Thank God for His glorious grace – the grace that gives us forgiveness of sin and eternal life.

2. Pray that God would give you a greater desire to be faithful to engage in personal evangelism.

3. Ask God for eyes to see the opportunities that we have each day to talk about Jesus with those who may not know Him. Ask God’s Spirit to lay on your heart at least one person to seek to reach with the gospel.

4. Pray for boldness and courage to proclaim Christ and engage in personal evangelism and invite people to church.

5. Praise God for people who you know that are faithfully proclaiming Christ and seeking to reach others with the gospel. Pray that God would bless their efforts.

6. Ask God to give us a greater passion and love for the gospel that leads to faithfulness in personal evangelism and generosity towards our $175,000 March for Missions Goal.