Prayer Guide: February 27, 2022

Posted By: Nate Magloughlin - 2/23/2022 5:00:00 PM

Prayer Guide: February 27, 2022

1. Praise God for His gift of salvation and constant provision in your life. Ask God to help you grow in contentment and joy in His providence.

2. Ask God to help us to embrace the privilege to seek Him in prayer. Pray that we would be humble before Him and ready to turn to Him as first response in all of life, but especially in times of trial and opposition.

3. Pray that we would hold fast to Truth, that we would embrace doctrine, and that we would be characterized by compassion.

4. Ask God to give us greater confidence in His sovereign rule and providential care.

5. Pray that our church would continue to live our mission of proclaiming Christ and making disciples of those who claim Christ. Ask God to make us bold in speaking and living the gospel for His glory.

6. Pray that we would value generosity and love. Pray that we would be a people who are ready to care for each other in Jesus’ name.

7. Ask God to help us tear down any remnant of the idols of materialism and the love of money in our lives.

8. Ask God for grace as we continue to seek a Music/Worship Pastor and a Student Pastor.