Prayer Guide: December 12, 2021 – Mark 2:13-17

Posted By: Nate Magloughlin - 12/7/2021 9:00:00 AM

As we continue to answer the question Why Jesus Came in the month of December, we come to our next Advent theme – peace. Jesus traveled through Galilee and came into contact with all sorts of people. In Mark 2:13-17, Jesus sees and calls a tax collector named Levi to Himself. The call of Jesus is the call to peace. Through relationship with Jesus, we have peace with God. Will you join with your church family in prayer this week? Make plans to worship with your church family this Sunday!

Prayer Guide: December 12, 2021 – Mark 2:13-17

1. Give praise and thanksgiving to the only True God who has graciously called you to Himself and provided forgiveness, peace, and eternal life.

2. Confess to God your tendency towards self-righteousness and struggle to have compassion on others. Ask God to give you His heart of love and grace.

3. Ask God to give you a greater passion for His glory and for the gospel that results in a more generous and giving heart.

4. Pray that as a church we would meet/surpass our March for Missions goal of $175,000. Ask God to use these resources to reach and save souls for Jesus Christ.

5. Pray that we would reach families through the Angel Tree Ministry.

6. Ask God to grant us wisdom and unity as we prepare for our December Business Meeting when we will vote to approve the Finance Committee’s proposed 2022 Budget, the work of the Nominating Committee, and the necessary building improvements.

7. Pray for Worship Pastor Search Team. Pray that God will confirm the direction He has for our church. Pray for God’s will concerning the candidate that we are currently engaged with.

8. Pray for the Hendrickson family as they transition from Amarillo to Austin. Pray for God’s grace on our Student Ministry as we enter a time of change. Pray that families will stay connected and committed. Pray also that God would raise up leaders and provide for a new Student Pastor soon!