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Mission Lubbock is an overnight trip for middle school students to put their hands and feet to the plow as we come alongside para-church organizations to serve in practical ways at food banks, discounted clothing stores, and medical ministries, all while challenging students to attempt to create gospel conversations through brief encounters with those they are serving.

Mission Cincinnati takes high school students to the heart of urban America. With a population of 2 million only 13.7 percent are affiliated with an evangelical church, and more than half of the city’s residents are unaffiliated with a religion of any kind. Students will spend the week engaging college students with gospel conversations at two major universities as well as serving the local community of our partners, The Oaks Church.

Mission Taiwan began when Todd Blackhurst, then Associate Pastor here at Trinity Baptist Church, felt the Lord calling him and his family overseas to serve the people of Taiwan long term. Since 2013, the Blackhursts have served tirelessly and faithfully to see the people of Taiwan escape the Buddhist and ancestral worship culture through the gospel of Jesus Christ. This trip is open to high school students 

Mission Thailand is an intense four days of VBS style English Camps through which high school students strategically use scripture to teach Thai people to learn and read English. Over 90% of the population are Buddhist with the remaining 10% claiming such religions as Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity. Utilizing English Camps provides opportunity for gospel conversations that further the kingdom work being done through local Thai churches and missionaries.

Mission Peru utilizes men, women and high school students to serve and train local church leaders and their wives while also engaging the people and culture of Peru. Religiously Peruvians are 82% Catholic and believe in a gospel of faith and works. Students will lead VBS and other activities for children that present the free gospel of Christ through games, stories and relationships.