Kids Frequently Asked Questions



1. What do we believe about children?

We believe that every child is valuable and is learning from the very beginning of their life. We are commanded in Scripture to proclaim Christ to them (Psalm 78:4). We desire to come alongisde the family and partner with parents in the spiritual growth of their children. We do this by teaching the Word of God faithfully and by providing a safe and fun atmosphere for them to discover how great our God truly is.

2. Who are my child’s teachers?

All of our Bible Study teachers and worship care volunteers are TBC members or regular attendees who have completed a background check and Ministry Safe’s Sexual Abuse Awareness Training. We adhere to the “Two Deep Rule” which requires two volunteers in each classroom at all times.

3. Do you offer snacks to children on Sunday mornings? What if my child has a food allergy?

Simple snacks (goldfish, cheerios, or animal crackers) are offered in our nursery and preschool classrooms during the 1st hour of worship care and Bible Study. There are allergy stickers at the main Children's Check-In counter if your child has a food allergy. Please let your child’s teacher and the Children’s Director know about those food allergies.

4. What health precautions do you take?

All rooms are carefully cleaned and sanitized after each use. The custodians use two cleaning agents: QS-10 and End Bac II. We do ask that children who have shown any symptoms of a contagious disease (such as fever, vomiting, or diarrhea) within the last 24 hours not be brought to the preschool or children’s area.

5. Where do my kids go during the worship service?

Children in Kindergarten through 5th Grade attend the worship service with their parents. We have some great sermon guides for children, and we host a “Welcome to Worship” dinner each fall to introduce the incoming Kindergarteners to corporate worship. Worship Care is provided during each worship service for PreK 4 and younger. There are age-specific classes for all ages during the Bible Study hour.

6. How early can I drop my child off before the worship service begins?

Children can be dropped off at their "Worship Care" rooms once a leader is in the room, usually 10 minutes before the service begins. Children should not be left in any classroom without an adult present.

7. What is your check-in/security policy on Sunday mornings?

  • All children birth-5th grade will be checked in at a computer kiosk and must be picked up at their classroom by a parent holding a security receipt (issued at check-in)
  • All guests should check in at the main Chidlren's Check-In located near the nursery wing (in the main church hallway).
  • First-time guests are asked to fill out a guest registration card, which gives us important information about you and your child.
  • Once the guest card is complete, parents will be given a security sticker to fill out. This security sticker serves as your child’s name tag (larger sticker) and your security receipt (smaller sticker). We do ask that you bring the security receipt back when you are ready to pick up your child. We will not release your child without this tag. If you misplace it, the Children’s Director will give permission for the child to be released.
  • There are potty training stickers and allergy stickers located at the main Check-In station. Please use them if they apply to your child.
  • Parents of infants through 2 year olds have the option of leaving a cell phone number in case we need to contact a parent while their child is in our care.
  • It is helpful to the teachers if all of your child’s belongings are labeled prior to visiting with us on Sunday mornings.
  • Please communicate any important or helpful information to your child’s teacher each Sunday.


Do you have other questions? E-mail the Children's Ministry.