1. Praise God for His kindness and grace in ca" />

1. Praise God for His kindness and grace in ca" />


Prayer Guide for Sunday, March 26

Posted By: Kelly Caldwell - 3/22/2023 2:26:14 PM

Prayer Guide: March 26, 2023

1. Praise God for His kindness and grace in calling us into His Kingdom through the gospel of Jesus. Thank Him for washing us clean of our sins and giving us the gift of His Holy Spirit.

2. Pray that our church will be bold and faithful to share the gospel message of salvation with lost people all around us. Ask the Lord to provide divine appointments for sharing the gospel.

3. Ask God to work powerfully in your life to help you flee sin, bear kingdom fruit, and persevere in faithfully following King Jesus.   

4. Pray for Casey Flynt as he leads our music and worship ministries. Ask God to fill him with His Spirit and give him wisdom as he plans services, recruits praise team and choir members, and creatively leads Trinity Baptist Church to love Jesus more through our music ministry. Pray for our church to be passionate in worship and increasingly filled with the joy of the Lord.

5. Pray that God would prepare our church for Easter as we meditate on the resurrection of our Savior. Ask God to focus our hearts on Jesus who died for our sins and rose again to give us eternal life in Him.

6. Ask the Lord to give comfort and healing to many in our church family who are enduring physical trials and spiritual battles. Pray that they would daily experience God’s new morning mercies.