Prayer Guide: July 30, 2023


Prayer Guide: July 30, 2023



Prayer Guide for Sunday, July 30

Posted By: Kelly Caldwell - 7/25/2023 10:00:52 AM

Prayer Guide: July 30, 2023


1. Thank God for sending Jesus into the world to live a sinless life, die in our place, and rise again as our only source of righteousness before God.


2. Praise God for all the kids and volunteers in attendance this week for Vacation Bible School. Pray that the Spirit would be clearly at work in the lives of the kids as they learn about the love of Jesus.


3. Ask God to make us more dependent on Him in living out our faith. Pray that His saving work in our lives would bear good fruit.


4. Pray that Trinity Baptist Church would be characterized by love. Pray that we would seek opportunities to intentionally display the love of Jesus to others.


5. Pray for our Children’s Ministry as our leaders pour the love of Jesus into the lives of our children. Ask God to grow the ministry numerically and spiritually through boys and girls coming to saving faith in Jesus. Pray for our Children’s Director Search Team to be united and Spirit-led as they seek out God’s provision for our church.


6. Pray for our Peru Mission Team as they serve and invest in Peruvian pastors, church leaders, and their families over the next week. Ask God to bless our team and all those in Peru who faithfully share the Gospel and make disciples of Jesus.