Prayer Guide: May 22, 2022

Posted By: Nate Magloughlin - 5/17/2022 12:00:00 PM

Prayer Guide: May 22, 2022

1. Thank God for His promise to provide for our needs and to lead us in paths of righteousness as we follow Him.

2. Ask God to be gracious to our schoolteachers and students as we reach the end of the year.

3. Pray that our families would prioritize Jesus this summer. Pray that we would be thoughtful and intentional about connecting friends and neighbors with Jesus and with our church.

4. Ask God for grace to remain faithful to Him in times of anxiety, distress, and trial.

5. Pray that our church would grow in our commitment to prayer. Also, plead with God to answer our prayers, and that because of His faithfulness, we would be more inclined to cry out to Him for help.

6. Pray for Zach and Allison Scoggin as they continue to wait for the visa process to open so that they can begin their ministry in Taiwan.

7. Ask God to give us wisdom as we seek to fill our various staff vacancies. Pray that God would provide a team of humble, gifted, and godly servants to join our staff here at TBC.

8. Pray that families with children and students would visit and join our church.