Prayer Guide: April 10, 2022

Posted By: Nate Magloughlin - 4/6/2022 2:00:00 PM

Prayer Guide: April 10, 2022

1. Ask God to give you greater passion to reach the lost people you interact with in your life.

2. Confess to God your tendency to prioritize your own ways rather than listen to and seek His ways.

3. Pray for eyes to see and a heat of compassion for the people with whom you cross paths.

4. Ask God’s Spirit to give you courage and winsomeness as you engage others with Truth.

5. Take some time to pray for people by name that you know are without Christ.

6. Pray for the unity of our church family. As we continue in this season of staff transitions, pray that God would protect our church, provide for our needs, and push us to greater fruitfulness.

7. Pray that God would add young families and college students to church family.

8. Ask God to graciously heal individuals, couples, and families that you know who are experiencing pain revolving around physical health, marital strife, or emotional distress.